Our Story

Here at Yumie HQ we produce delicious, high quality Sushi that can be enjoyed any time of day. We also pride ourselves on being innovative with food and ingredients to ensure we always keep your Sushi needs met.

Who we are

We are based in an idyllic part of the Suffolk countryside surrounded by rolling hills, fresh air and green fields. It goes without saying, we are extremely lucky!

We have been manufacturing high quality, authentic Sushi here for over 10 years. So we do know a thing or two about creating excellence.

As a business we respect our surroundings and pride ourselves on our low impact on the environment, we’ve even won an award for our green credentials – this forms the ethos of our brand and are the principles we very much live every day by.

Our Sushi Journey

You may have seen Yumie Sushi before, but in a slightly different way. Yumie Sushi was originally launched in 2014 and has continued to sell within numerous retailers.

However, we have noticed a changing attitude and higher level of expectation when it comes to lunch and in particular Sushi. So, we felt it important to “get with the times” and improve our Sushi and give those discerning Sushi lovers out there something to really enjoy. We believe you deserve better.


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